IzenEarz Mobile Surveillance

Agricultural Security and Surveying

There are many parts of a farm’s ecosystem that make them a target for thieves. During food shortages or periods of difficult weather, thieves may take an interest in your farm if you’ve grown a successful yield. Water supplies can also become a target during dry season.

IZENEARZ “Eyes & Ears” is a unique Security and Surveillance concept, designed to service large areas that are sometimes inaccessible to normal security methods and equipment. The concept uses the very latest technologies to respond to and tackle immediate security threats to farm lands, construction sites, sport stadiums and other such venues.  

These same technologies and equipment can also be seamlessly applied to survey and mapping projects especially when monitoring coastlines and  beaches for pollution, coastal environmental issues such as erosion , Reef Protection, the movement of wildlife and Turtle Breeding sites, plus other maritime related projects.
Tides, Currents and wind form natural plastic and waste areas on our beaches so we need to identify them before they become a threat.

As a farmer, a simple cost effective security system that you can trust to keep your crops and tools safe, is something that needs to be considered in order to protect your hard earned investment.
Rural crime is more common than you might think, as millions of dollars of farm property and crops are stolen every year.

IzenEarz solution is a totally environmentally friendly concept using solar charged electric transport, perimeter lighting with motion sensors, live stream video surveillance, rapid response, and digital video with sound to back up any evidence of security breaches. 
A Farm Watch Community Program would allow neighboring farm owners to share in this technology and be each others Eyes and Ears, using social media to communicate about potential problems and suspicious activity.